Formwork Systems

SEQ Formwork and Hire has a vast inventory of construction equipment that we utilize on site. Our number one aim is to produce the highest quality product as efficiently as possible to ensure that the clients we work for are reducing costs and saving time. All of our equipment is available for hire on upcoming projects, as well as other services available for purchase.

SEQ Formwork and Hire utilize a variety of formwork systems including:

  • Conventional Formwork
  • Steel column boxes
  • Table Forms
  • Steel deck composite systems
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Pre-cast columns, hobs and stairs
  • Scaffolding
  • Tailored core systems
  • Retractable and static loading bays
  • Perimeter Safety Screens

SEQ Formwork and Hire also hold a fleet of cranes, scissor lifts, knuckle boom, forklifts, manitous, walkie stackers and a variety of sizes of delivery vehicles to assist our workers in creating our top quality products and to ensure that all of our material arrives to your site in a professional manner.


SEQ Formwork and Hire fabricate our own precast stairs as our preferred use on projects. These systems have a positive impact on the construction process with many advantages and endless applications, such as:

    • Designed to measure and avoid on-site errors
    • Faster Construction time
    • Less weather dependent
    • Simplified and safer construction process
    • Superior surface finish and accuracy
    • Immediate access even through the formed levels
    • Cleaner site installation; no concrete spray or holes through block work


  • Increased construction and site safety.
  • Faster material and personnel movements on site as each level progresses.
  • Quick installation saving time with some stairs ready for use in 24 hours.
  • Increased harmonious industrial relations due to increased accessibility.
  • Permanent steel handrails may be fitted immediately eliminating the need for temporary safety rails.
  • Accuracy of construction will satisfy the demands of modern sites.
  • The riser profile provides a ledge at the bottom for the concreter to trowel to

Aluminum formwork pan system 

SEQ Formwork have invested in over 9000m2 to help keep your projects safer, cleaner and more efficient

Aluminum formwork Grid System

SEQ Formwork have invested in over 9000m2 to help keep your projects safer, cleaner and more efficient


SEQ Formwork and Hire have our screen system available for use on larger projects. These systems help to minimize the amount of scaffold required and provide a safe a secure work zone throughout the construction. The screens typically cover 3 1/2 floors of a building’s external perimeter with the main purpose to protect all persons involved in the formwork, steel fixing and concreting activities as well as people working in the floors below. The screens also prevent any material or debris from falling onto work areas or public places below.


SEQ Formwork and Hire have the facilities to manufacture and supply SEQSTEELDECK composite slab sections to a variety of different lengths for use in construction right here on the Gold Coast. This systems helps to moderate the amount of formwork material required on site, reducing construction time, ideal for exposed car parks where band beams are present and cutting down cranage costs.

For more information about SEQSTEELDECK, please view the brochure.